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This library provides a Java API to access Human Interaction Devices (mice, tablets, keyboards, joysticks...) in a uniform way. The API is designed with portability in mind, but currently only a Linux implementation is available.
This project is hosted on sourceforge:
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Project summary: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jhid/


See the README file contained in the distribution for general building instructions. To use jhid you simply need to put jhid.jar in your classpath and the appropriate native library in your library path.
Use the Enumerator class to retrieve the available devices. Each device can be queried for its features, which can currently be axes or buttons. It is possible to set up a listener to be notified of all the events of a device, or the events of an individual feature.
Refer to the javadoc for details.


There is currently only one implementation of the jhid API, which works under Linux. It requires a kernel with the evdev mechanism.